Co-ordination Council

CHESNO Co-ordination Council was set up by participants of New Citizen partnership and is open for joining to NGOs and activists.

Organizations, whose leaders undertook to implement objectives of CHESNO movement and attain its objective, are represented in the Council.

In the meantime, Co-ordination Council includes organizations, whose managers have assumed obligations to implement “Filter the Power!” campaign.

The Co-ordination Council is in charge of determining the lines of the strategic development of the “Filter the Authorities” campaign and decides to support other projects evaluating authorities’ honesty, which are being implemented on the basis and under the slogan CHESNO. The Co-ordination Council of the civic movement CHESNO and “Filter the Power!” campaign comprises of the following organizations:

  1. UA Center;

  2. Institute of Mass Information;

  3. Center of Political Studies and Analysis;

  4. Media Law Institute;

  5. Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation;

  6. Souspilnist Foundation;

  7. Antiraiding Union of Ukraine;

  8. International Democracy Institute (Ukraine);