Tiahnybok promised to open the party tickets
Tiahnybok promised to open the party tickets

In the course of his meeting with CHESNO on 11 July, Oleh Tiahnybok promised to open the party tickets before the commencement of the registration with the Central Electoral Commission for the public audit. He also stated that Svoboda is prepared to make sure that the CHESNO criteria be met by its representatives in the next parliament.

Svoboda's leader also stated that "The Political Council of Svoboda All-Ukrainian Union made a decision to support the civic integrity criteria suggested by the CHESNO campaign and to nominate only the candidates, who meet the criteria".

At the same time, Svoboda, as well as the United Opposition made a unilateral commitment, but did not sign an agreement on the filtration of the party ticket with representatives of CHESNO. In the opinion of CHESNO campaigners, one of the reasons for this is the different treatment of the methodology of the assessment of the conformity of parliamentary candidates with the criterion of the lack of the abuse of human rights and freedoms by the campaign and the party.

In the opinion of the leaders of Svoboda, "It is of principal importance for nationalists that individual rights do not interfere with rights of the Ukrainian nation and the primordial traditional Ukrainian values. Thus, statements or acts of a particular candidate cannot be deemed "non-virtuous", if they are aimed at defending national interests, the honour and dignity of the Ukrainian nation. This applies, even if they are inadequately stigmatised by Ukrainophobes. In connection with this, any expressions and acts by candidates nominated by Svoboda cannot be treated as the violation of CHESNO campaign criteria, if they are focused on enforcing the Programme of Protection of the Ukrainians.

At the same time, Kostiantyn Kvurt, one of CHESNO representatives and director of Internews Ukraine, stated that the "public is positive about the readiness of the new political forces to meet the CHESNO criteria; it can urge constituency MPs to vote personally in the parliament, go to work and disclose declarations. However, the reality will show, how HONEST are the today's promises of Svoboda.

Inter alia, Oleh Tiahnybok stated at the meeting that Svoboda fully shares the criteria for parliamentary candidates underlying the activities of the CHESNO campaign; however, Svoboda as ideology-oriented and nationalist force considers this list to be incomplete, because it lacks the patriotism criterion.


Svoboda's leader Oleh Tiahnybok and the team of party officials — Andrii Mokhnyk, Yurii Levchenko, Serhii Rudyk and Yurii Syrotiuk — took part in the meeting with CHESNO. CHESNO campaign was represented by Kostiantyn Kvurt, Chairman of the Management Board of Internews Ukraine, Serhii Nedilko, Member of the Council of Ukrayinska Sprava non-governmental organisation, Oleksii Kliashtornyi, Chairman of the Central Co-ordination Committee of Narodna Solidarnist All-Ukrainian Trade Union, Andrii Semididko, Director of the Antiraiding Union of Ukraine and Svitlana Zalishchuk, Executive Director of the UA Center.