CHESNO-METER Update: in brief

The CHESNO-METER data kept changing since the presentation of the first results of the audit of deputies on 23 July on the basis of the new information received from the MPs themselves, journalists and individuals.

On 7 August, the CHESNO campaign reported at a press conference the major changes in the CHESNO-METER that have taken place over 2 weeks of this tool's operation:

●      28 MPs reacted to results of their CHESNO audit after the publication;

●      CHESNO-METER detected 2 more non-virtuous MPs, Mykola Tomenko and Oleksandr Hudyma. However, one MP, Vasyl Derevlianyi, was categorised as virtuous.

MP Lanovyi has entered the Verkhovna Rada recently, while MP Derevlianyi was positively vetted under all criteria after the submission of his property declaration to the CHESNO campaign. Mykola Tomenko informed the CHESNO campaign himself that sometimes he did violate the personal voting principle, while in case of Oleksandr Hudyma the analysis resulted in the detection of a violation in the form of the excess of the air fare allowance recorded in the Budget of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

●      The CHESNO Campaign took into account the comments and improved its assessment methodology in respect of the criterion of the "Firm political stance in line with the voters' mandate". The CHESNO Campaign will also treat MPs elected on tickets of opposition parties, who have voted regularly in tune with the pro-government majority, as tushki (a parliamentary slang term for MPs who quit their party factions).

●      87 MPs failed on the "Clean record on human rights and freedoms" criterion.

The submission by MPs of draft laws restricting human rights and freedoms in the opinion of the Ukrainian and international human rights organisations for the review by the Verkhovna Rada was also treated as the violation under this criterion. For instance, it includes draft laws: on the prohibition of the homosexual propaganda, the expansion of powers of the National Public Morals Protection Commission, the counteraction to extremism, the introduction of the criminal liability for libel, etc.

The assessment of MP Roman Zvarych under this criterion was changed to positive and his response was taken into consideration.

●      Currently, 270 MPs do not meet the "No involvement into corruption" criterion.

CHESNO treated actions, such as the combination of offices, the abuse of office, the exceedence of air fare allowances as indications of the implication into the corruption.

Further 72 MPs were found to have violated this criterion as a result of exceeding the air fare allowance after the publication of the CHESNO-METER results.

●      30 MPs published their property and income declarations in various manners. In all, the CHESNO-METER contains 97 declarations from MPs (chesno.org/declarations/).

CHESNO keeps studying the declarations for the conformity of the declared income with the MPs' lifestyle.

●      The following MPs got a positive mark under the "Participation in plenary meetings and committees" criterion: Oksana Bilozir, Olena Bondarenko, Ihor Zvarych and Vasyl Cherniy.

The data in the comments on MP Olha Herasymyuk were modified, but the change did not affect the overall assessment of her conformity with this criterion.

●      424 MPs violate the constitutional requirement in respect of voting in person.

Five MPs (Tomenko, Davymuka, Stetskiv, Lohvynenko and Hrymchak) informed the CHESNO campaign by phone that they had voted for other MPs.  Press services of MPs Lytvyn, Martyniuk and Sharov refused to comment on this situation.