CHESNO Will Analyse Candidates against 4 Criteria
CHESNO Will Analyse Candidates against 4 Criteria

On 28 August, CHESNO Campaign presented its updated methodology to experts. The MP candidates will be vetted under the methodology under 4 of 6 integrity criteria.

The CHESNO campaigners will analyse about 2,500 MP candidates running on party tickets and in constituencies. The tickets of the political parties with the highest rating (4 parties that will definitely pass the electoral threshold and two more parties capable of doing so). According to sociologists, these are the Party of Regions, the United Opposition, the Communist Party, UDAR, Svoboda and Ukrayina Vpered parties. CHESNO will also analyse candidates that have the highest chance of being elected in constituencies.

The monitoring results will be presented by the campaign in several waves starting from early September. CHESNO announces that the analysis of the conventional pro-government parties and the opposition will be presented first. After that, the results of the so-called new parties will be presented. After that, the results of the analysis of constituency candidates will be published.

"We've updated the methodology of the civic audit of politicians having incorporated constructive criticisms in respect of the first stage of the analysis", Serhii Taran, CHESNO participant, stated during the meeting with journalists. — Firstly, we will only analyse candidates under 4 criteria. Obviously, the "casting own votes" and "meeting attendance" criteria are not applicable here. Secondly, we've expanded the criteria with indicators making it possible to specify the extent of violations. Finally, we dropped the "meets the criterion" status, because one of the issues we were facing was that the information about politicians is either outright missing, or it is very difficult to prove the violation".

One more novelty introduced by CHESNO at the second stage is the chance for active voters to join the monitoring process using the crowdsourcing tools offered by the site. "The "Notify" button, which has been introduced at chesno.org recently, makes it possible to send information, which the CHESNO analysts have not been able to find. Obviously, we are unable to find violations by thousands of candidates from all over Ukraine ourselves, but if the people who care join us, it can become a nice precedent of control over the government by the civil society", Tetiana Peklun, one of campaigners, stated.

As the voting day approaches, the CHESNO campaign is becoming known to the public better. It is 12% higher than in April 2012. According to the national opinion poll conducted by Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation together with the sociology department of the Razumkov Centre, 10% of Ukrainians are aware of the CHESNO campaign and 26% more have "heard something" about its activities. At that, the individuals who are tracking the campaign's activities are more prone to studying the tickets of political parties for the conscious voting. For instance, only 20% of people aware of CHESNO have not familiarised themselves with the list of candidates of the party they are going to support; there are 24% of such people among those who have heard something about the campaign and the whopping 45% of such people among those who are not aware about the campaign.