ATTENTION! False Information about Politicians Is Disseminated under the Guise of Civic Initiatives

Vidsich Movement and CHESNO campaign issued a joint statement telling that there are more and more cases of the dissemination of the false information materials purported to be made on their behalf. The fake news contain counter-propaganda against certain politicians and political parties.

Civic activists invite attention of journalists to cases of the dissemination of the false materials and call upon them to verify information. They point out that all the official information is placed only on web sites of the civic initiatives Vstavay i Diy (www.vstavay.info) and "Filter the Parliament!" campaign (www.chesno.org).

"Dirty politicians are using brands of Vidsich and CHESNO civic campaigns as tools for fighting against their political opponents. This is bad for our reputation and misleads the voters", the statement goes.

The independent civic initiatives have recorded at least 6 fake appeals and leaflets purported to be issued on behalf of Vidsich and 4 fake leaflets and even newspapers purported to be issued by CHESNO. They were disseminated in Donetsk Oblast (against Volodymyr Derkach, a candidate in Constituency 41), Luhansk Oblast (to explain reasons for the non-participation of Volodymyr Landyk in the election), Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (against Vasyl Hladii, a candidate in Constituency 89, Mykola Kruts and Volodymyr Kupchak, candidates in Constituency 84, and a whole range of candidates in all constituencies of the oblast purportedly on behalf of the disappointed Vidsich activists), as well as in Kherson Oblast (against Andrii Putilov, a candidate in constituency 183), Sumy Oblast (against Volodymyr Tokar, Oleksandr Kostenko and Oleksandr Volkov, candidates in Constituency 158), and Zhytomyr Oblast (against Hennadii Zubko, candidate in Constituency 62).

Vidsich and CHESNO are against dirty campaigning methods and call upon the voters to be vigilant.