Before Publishing Monitoring Results, CHESNO Grants 3 Days to Parties for the Possible Refutations
Before Publishing Monitoring Results, CHESNO Grants 3 Days to Parties for the Possible Refutations

The CHESNO campaign checked the "safe" portions of 6 party tickets that have the best odds for getting into the parliament of the 7th convocation, and detected 284 candidates, who violated 4 integrity criteria (the clean record on human rights and freedoms; the consistency of the declared income and property with the lifestyle; the firm political stance in line with the mandate of the voters; the lack of involvement into corruption).

The CHESNO campaign initiators handed over the analysis for familiarisation to the leaders of the Party of Regions, the Za Batkivshchynu United Opposition, the Communist Party, the UDAR Party, the Ukrayina Vpered party and Svoboda before announcing results of the audit and providing information to the voters on a mass scale.

The CHESNO campaign grants each candidate three days for the familiarisation and possible refutation of the information contained in CHESNO's assessment on the basis of principles of trueness, completeness and accuracy of the information. For instance, a candidate can provide CHESNO with additional information which can affect his score.

Most offenders were found in "safe" portions of tickets of the Party of Regions (106 candidates) and Batkivshchyna (90 candidates). There are also criteria violators in "safe" ticket portions of those political parties, which declared their intention to bring new faces into the next parliament: 31 candidates on UDAR's ticket, 16 candidates on Svoboda ticket, and 12 candidates on Ukrayina Vpered ticket. There were 24 candidates, who violated the integrity criteria, on the ticket of the Communist Party.

The audit was carried out by the analytical team of CHESNO in order to provide voters with an opportunity to access various and impartial information needed for making a conscious, informed and free choice (Article 63 of the Law of Ukraine "On Election of People's Deputies of Ukraine"). The audit was carried out in accordance with the MP Candidate Integrity Assessment Methodology, which is free from any ideological component or bias against or in favour of any person.

The detailed information about results of the study of party tickets and profiles of party-ticket candidates will be published on 25 September.