CHESNO Asked Politicians about Their Vision of the Future Parliament
CHESNO Asked Politicians about Their Vision of the Future Parliament

On 22 October, 6 days before the election day, the CHESNO campaign organised a final meeting with the public and leading political factions having presented results of the audit of MP candidates carried out over several months. The CHESNO campaign also formulated 10 proposals addressed to the upgraded Ukrainian political community.


Representatives of all political factions standing a chance of entering the Parliament were invited to the meeting with civil society representatives.

The United Opposition was represented at the Forum by #11 on its ticket, Mykola Kniazhytskyi; the UDAR Party was represented by its #7 Viktor Pynzenyk. Yurii Miroshnychenko represented the Party of Regions at the form. Vasyl Horbal, a self-nominated candidate and a member of the Party of Regions, joined the Forum participants as well. 

At the last moment, the Communist Party refused to attend the Forum referring to the lack of good speakers, while Svoboda refused to take part in the Forum as a matter of principle due to the violation of one of the integrity criteria by their leader Oleh Tiahnybok detected by CHESNO.

Questions to politicians on their activities in the future parliament were asked by Artem Shevchenko (TVi), Sviatoslav Tsyholko (Channel 5), Serhii Leshchenko (Ukrayinska Pravda), Svitlana Ostapa (Telekrytyka), Andrii Kulykov and other journalists and public figures.

The results of the analysis of MP candidates running on party tickets and in majority-vote constituencies for the conformity with the CHESNO criteria were presented at the Forum.  The Party of Regions turned out to be the leader among violators. Yurii Miroshnychenko, MP and representative of the President of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, offered an explanation that "the ruling party is always in focus".

Olha Ayvazovska, representative of the OPORA Civic Network, presented the most widespread violations reported during the electoral campaign. 

Viktor Pynzenyk on behalf of the UDAR Party, Mykola Kniazhytskyi and Oleksandra Kuzhel on behalf of Batkivshchyna signed an undertaking to cast votes in person only in the parliament of the next convocation.  Oleksandr Aronets signed such an undertaking on behalf of Svoboda.

However, Yurii Miroshnychenko refused to sign the undertaking to cast his own votes in the new parliament in public. "I can't assume such a personal undertaking. I am afraid of deceiving you", the permanent representative of the President in the Rada stated. He added that the "Constitution requires votes to be cast personally regardless of signatures".


According to materials of CHESNO and Ukrayinska Pravda